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Love from our amazing customers


"@dirtyvurgerz as the best vegan burgers out there no cap"

"Lara enjoved the burger so much she wants to be vegan"

"@dirtyvurgerz whaaaaaaat. Not usually big on fake meat but WOW"

"Fed by these amazing people today. Really good vegan fast food! Best mozzarella sticks in the business and don't get me started on how good the doner was!!!"

"Best vegan chicken burger ever"

"There's a reason the queue at @dirtyvurgerz was relentless!…"

"@dirtyvurgerz stepping up the vegan burger & Döner game"

"Service with a smile everytime"

"Slaaaap differently. @dirtyvurgerz vegan mozzarella sticks"

"Still dreaming of this perfect burger @dirtyvurgerz"

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